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Offer mobile home Classic
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 08/06/2020
A: 30/06/2020
NOTE: €110,00 for 2 people per 3 nights instead of € 165,00 € 140,00 for 3 people per 3nights instead of € 210,00 € 150,00 for 4 people per 3 nights instead of € 225,00
PREZZO:€ 55,00
Offer Mobil Home Superior stay 3 nights pay 2
Tipologia: Superior
DA: 08/06/2020
A: 30/06/2020
NOTE: € 180,00 for 4 people per 3 nights instead of € 270,00
PREZZO:€ 90,00
Offer Mobile Home Victory stay 3 nights pay 2
Tipologia: Victory
DA: 08/06/2020
A: 30/06/2020
NOTE: €120,00 for 2 people per 3 nights instead of € 180,00
PREZZO:€ 60,00
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We are glad to inform our customers that Camping Miraflores will reopen, in compliance with the regulations described in the guidelines for companies reopening , on Friday 22 May


Portofino is a small and ancient village has remained unchanged over the years, which is a core of multi-colored houses, high and narrow, laid out along the bay near the famous "Piazzetta", surrounded by lush vegetation of the Park of Portofino. < / p>

Over the years, this village has become a popular holiday resort and is known throughout the world for being a destination for people from the world of entertainment, politics and celebrities in general.

These appearances led to a few changes within the village in the appearance of renowned fashion boutique in place of the small craft shops and luxurious yachts in the harbor, once inhabited by small fishing boats.

Directly from the "Piazzetta" you can take pleasant walks to the discovery of the village, between the pier and tiny "caruggi", or in the direction of the lighthouse, the beautiful Church of St. George, or the Fort Brown Castle, which dominates from above Portofino.

Portofino is easily accessible with various transport from our campsite as bus, boat or walking down from the Headlands. We do not recommend the car, especially during high season, for a possibility to find queues and for the high rates of the parking.

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