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Promotion Classic 2 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 18/05/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: Pay 2 nights instead of 3 - For 2 person pay €110,00 instead of €165,00
PREZZO:€ 110,00
Promotion Classic 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - for 4 person pay € 150,00 instead of € 225,00
PREZZO:€ 150,00
Promotion Superior 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Superior
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - 4 person pay € 180,00 instead of € 270,00
PREZZO:€ 180,00
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Camogli is a romantic Ligurian town near the sea characterized by a splendid walk, an old harbor and a glorious past of a typical seafaring village.

Located inside the Golfo Paradiso, a few km from Genoa, it is characterized by a layered structure of the historic center and the ancient castle perched on the sea that make it a fascinating place rich of culture and ancient tradition.

The good location in which it is located, makes the climate mild and pleasant throughout the year and between sea and mountains, monuments and history, culture and entertainment there is the possibility of beautiful routes and landscapes with unrivaled scenery.

It is also connected to other important tourist towns such as Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Portofino and Paraggi and is a great starting point for excursions to the nearby Portofino Park.

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