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Promotion Classic 2 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 18/05/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: Pay 2 nights instead of 3 - For 2 person pay €110,00 instead of €165,00
PREZZO:€ 110,00
Promotion Classic 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - for 4 person pay € 150,00 instead of € 225,00
PREZZO:€ 150,00
Promotion Superior 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Superior
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - 4 person pay € 180,00 instead of € 270,00
PREZZO:€ 180,00
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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is free, open to the public and offers sun loungers and deckchairs until exhaustion availability.

It's perfect for lazy afternoons or for those days where the sun veiled does not allow to fully enjoy a dip in the waters of the Gulf of Tigullio.

The area will allow you to relax and unwind at your arrival or at the end of a day of visiting to some beautiful resort located in the vicinity of the camp.

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