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Promotion Classic 2 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 18/05/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: Pay 2 nights instead of 3 - For 2 person pay €110,00 instead of €165,00
PREZZO:€ 110,00
Promotion Classic 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Classic
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - for 4 person pay € 150,00 instead of € 225,00
PREZZO:€ 150,00
Promotion Superior 4 - 3x2
Tipologia: Superior
DA: 28/04/2019
A: 28/06/2019
NOTE: 3 nights at price of 2 - 4 person pay € 180,00 instead of € 270,00
PREZZO:€ 180,00
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Once you arrive at Camping you will be greeted by Ariana and Lorraine, that will provide you all the information you need to enjoy an unforgettable stay in Rapallo and in the surrounding areas of the Gulf of Tigullio.

Inside the camping you will experience an atmosphere of familiarity and relaxation that will allow you to feel at home and live with peacefulness all the common areas of camping,leaving you only the task to have fun and make new friends.

The staff is at your disposal during all your stay and also in the earlier stages upon your arrival, so that you can have a memorable holiday within our spaces and in nearby locations.

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Via Savagna 10 - 16035 Rapallo

0185 263000

392 7706987

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